Birds on a Wire

A mixed-media 5×7″ canvas:

Birds on a Wire, Mixed-Media

This one challenged me.  I was inspired by the artwork of Erinn Hatter, though my skill is obviously nowhere near hers.  (I’ll admit up front that I started by copying one of her pieces, trying to figure out what methods she used.  This is for my self-education only, and won’t be sold nor is displayed as my original idea).   I utilized stamped tissue paper, sewing patterns, gesso, craft acrylic paint (employ what you have on hand, right?)  and acrylic ink, pitt pens (just got a set, and love ’em!), and oil pastels.  I was uncertain whether to finish here, or add some words around the center of the piece, but for now, anyway, it’s done.  I do think, on reflection, I would have liked it to have more blue than umber tones…maybe next time.  And, now that I’ve got a feel for the process, I have my own ideas on where I’d like to go with it in terms of image/theme/style, as well as improving upon my technique.


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