First Eraser Stamps

I was feeling extremely agitated today.  I was having trouble sitting still and focusing, and it crossed my mind that I needed to do something simple yet absorbing.  Having watched JournalArtista’s stamp carving YouTube video a couple weeks ago, I realized this might be the perfect activity.

My first three eraser stamps

As it turns out, the activity was incredibly soothing.  In about 45 minutes, I carved these three background stamps out of cheap erasers I’d picked up a long time ago at Target.  An enjoyable, easy, and quite relaxing enterprise, I’m sure I’ll be doing many more.

If you’ve made eraser stamps before, add a link to the comments.  I’d love to see them!


5 thoughts on “First Eraser Stamps

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    • Thanks Tanya! I am constantly trying to find new ways to combat the darker (or simply more irritating) emotions. This was a wonderful surprise that I’ll have to keep in my wellness toolbox.

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