Decide to Rise

Decide to Rise

5.75×6″ cereal box background as base.  Sewing pattern paper, stamped tissue papers, acrylic paint, pencil, Faber-Castel Pitt pen, vintage bird image and scrap papers. Poem, typed on tracing paper reads: Light up.  LIFT OFF. / You are a wild & wonderful / Truth.  A lusty golden / miracle. / Open the floodgate of / your unbridled, unabashed, / sweet, ESSENTIAL joyousness / that juicy / life always already / pulsating in the GLOBAL You.  The stamping around the edges is from one of the eraser stamps I carved the other day.

I’m making another one.  The background is done, but I still need to choose and add central elements and design.  However, before I do I’m trying to decide whether I should have left the poem off and let the flower stand front and center, if it is too busy the way it is or not.


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