My cat likes art, too.

Sabine, sitting pretty for the camera

My cat likes art, too.  Here is Sabine sitting on my bookshelf, surrounded by art books and a paper art lamp (angry junkyard dog), with a lucky art find from a thrift store leaning behind her.


6 thoughts on “My cat likes art, too.

    • That book was hilarious. I can just see Sabine covered in paint, her over-sized fluffy tail dripping on the canvas. I would never be able to get the paint out of all that fur!

      • Paint in fur…not such a good combo! But she might get used to you bathing her often, especially after she becomes well-reknowned and her paintings are selling for 10-15k!

        • Yes – that might make the extra baths worth it. 🙂 Maybe I should get my other cat involved, too. She likes to rip up paper and cardboard – surely there is a collage cat artist hiding in there somewhere!

    • I like your cat’s name! Sabine is supposedly a Siberian mix. I found out from a friend that her coat color (and perhaps Merllotte’s) is called a Tortie Seal Point (“tortie” is short for tortoiseshell). I do like the smudge on her lip – it makes me smile. 🙂

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