Winter Sunrise

At my previous residence, I would sit out on the porch, coffee in hand, and watch the sunrise, trees silhouetting, birds wheeling, drinking up the ever-changing color palette in the sky.  As I was working on this journal page, those memories flooded back to me.  What started out as play with oil pastels and blowing on paint drips through a straw evolved into a reminder of winter’s sunrise.

winter sunrise

The background was started with a variety of vintage found papers and book text.  I added some writing.  I pulled out my old oil pastels and smooshed away with my fingers (almost completely covering the writing).  I then layered on my itty-bitty chicken wire stamp throughout the page.

winter sunrise close-up

I added some watered-down acrylic paint drops, grabbed a straw, and blew them across the page into patterns.  I have to play with this method some more – the trunks ended up a lot thicker than intended, but that’s okay.  I outlined the paint splatters with a pitt pen, adding some detailing in the trunks to fill in all that extra unintended paint space.  It was still a little unbalanced, so I added the bird silhouettes at the top with a white sakura gelly pen.  And the dots?  I just felt like it.  🙂



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