Mail Art: Postcard Confidence


Mail art postcard surprise for someone who wants to feel confident during this year 2012.  Yes, the photograph color is a bit off, darker than intended, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time adjusting the tones on the computer.

I started this out with a thick layer of white gesso, spread with a knife for texture.  Added a layer of mauve acrylic (accidental color mix) and then turquoise acrylic ink.  I let the ink dry overnight, but when I used a baby wipe the next day, most of the ink wiped away.  I’ll have to investigate how this compares to regular acrylic.  I added collage images (a map with a gel medium transfer of a camera, and some French text).  Next I sprayed alcohol ink (my own mix) through  punchinella and added the inked circles over the stenciled bits with triplus fineliner in blue.  I used white gesso and a stencil for the fleur de lis images across the top and bottom, and stained them with distress inks.  Then I dug up some more collage images – vintage french text, an old diner picture, and the picture of a confident skunk from a vintage daily record sheet , a couple war ration ticket stickers, and a strip from one of my old voter registration cards.  I added some glimmer mist dribbles, some rub-ons near the edges, and some doodling with a pitt pen.  Final touches included an old stamp and a spiral paperclip.  (I’m taking bets on whether the paperclip will make it through the mail or not.)  It’s kind of cluttered but I like the way it turned out.


13 thoughts on “Mail Art: Postcard Confidence

  1. I like how you describe the materials and steps in your creative process. I have recently ‘discovered’ mixed media art journaling and really love the inventiveness of the process. I go back late and look at the finished product but the real joy is in the creating. I get this sense too from your art work.

  2. Thanks, Cynthia! I’ve never had any art lessons or workshops, so I learn by trial and error, and the process explanations I find on the web or in books. Since it helps me when other people explain the process, I try to sometimes do the same. (Plus, maybe a reader will have a better suggestion on how to do something!) And it is true I definitely love the creating more than the finished product, perhaps because the greatest joy is in the exploring and learning.

  3. Elizabeth, I love the postcard. And, in enjoying making art with you, I have found that some of the best things emerge from accidents. Keep it going. You are doing great.

  4. I loved reading about your process! I’ve really started adding gesso to my pages at the start and I really, really like it. I love that you can even tint by adding paint to get a head start on the process, it gives me a mental start as to where I want to go. I love mail art! Keep creating!

    • Thanks! I really love gesso. It seems there is so much more flexibility with the layers on top when gesso is put down first if working with acrylics and other media.

  5. Thanks for sharing your technique and the lovely postcard! Anyone would be inspires to receive it. Postcards are so cheerful and easy, it’s just a great art project that lives on!

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