Sketch No. 1, In Which Apples Turn Into Tomatoes

Inspired by Carly Swenson’s 366 sketches project over at naked carly art I hope to start regularly sketching.  (If you haven’t seen her art, be sure to pop over – she is a wonderful and thought-provoking mixed-media artist with a surrealist bent.)  While she has challenged herself to sketch every day, I know myself well enough to be a little less ambitious…at least for now.  I hope to sketch at least once weekly, perhaps twice.  I’ve never really sketched with ink before, though I was doodling many years before “zendoodles” became popular.  My sketches are part play, part learning, and hopefully all growth.  Carly has a great post on the importance of sketching for an artist and the philosophy of process.  My very first pen and ink sketch is below.  It started out as apples, but unintentionally turned into tomatoes.  🙂  I think I need to try a smaller pen tip next time!

sketch no. 1, initial apples outline

sketch no. 1, in which apples turn into tomatoes


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