Art Journal Challenge: Favorite Things

I recently joined the “A Year in the Life of an Art Journal” group, which provides twice monthly a journaling prompt, suggested supplies, and a technique to use.  They allow quite a bit of flexibility in interpretation and in what parts of the challenge to follow.  Not surprisingly, I’m already behind.

This is the February 15th challenge:
THE PROMPT: My Favorite Things
ie: a few of the things you LOVE about someone you love. Can be alive or dead.
THE STUFF: Lists and ephemera
ie: have a few tokens from that someone? Maybe the cover of the CD with “your song” or a napkin from the restaurant you both love to eat at…
ie: Use pockets to store those “things” on your page.

Here’s my journal spread in response.

Journal Challenge Feb. 15th, Favorite Things

I started out with a gessoed background, and added a wash mixture of titan buff (craft acrylic) and walnut ink.  I put down some collage elements (vintage and scrap papers, personal images).  I painted the title and added a list of favorite things.  Because there are a plethora things I love in the world, I added some more items on strips of vintage paper and stuffed them into a handmade envelope (made out of wax paper and stitched).  A couple more layers of paint washes were added, and then some hand-carved stamping throughout the page with archival ink.  Final touches included splattering more walnut ink and red paint, and running some archival ink along the edges of the spread.

Below is a close-up of the envelope.  (I’m also adding a picture of my other cat, who was beautiful in the sun-soaked window yesterday afternoon).

Journal Challenge Feb. 15th, Favorite Things envelope

Mildred up close, watching the birds











What are some of your favorite things?


16 thoughts on “Art Journal Challenge: Favorite Things

  1. I agree with rachel, your page sings to me, I happen to love a page with that color pallette, i love the idea of the pocket , just beautiful

    • Thanks, Brian! It was a fun spread. Mildred is my fairly new adoptee. I inherited her from a friend that passed away last fall, but she seems to be adjusting well!

    • Thanks, Rosie! Yes – there were way too many “favorite things” to fit on the page, so I had to create an envelope! Truth is, I keep a handwritten journal of favorite things. There are hundreds and hundreds of entries in that journal. It’s very good for me to go back to that now and again to remind myself!

  2. I love the depth of this piece (and your other entries!) 🙂 One of my challenges in my art is giving more dimension and texture to the work. This blog really inspires me to be a bit more adventurous with whatever materials I can get my hands on.

    • Thank you! That is a tremendous compliment – I appreciate it! It’s amazing the multitude of ways to get texture onto a substrate; I learn more every day. Almost any household item with a little dimension to it can even do the trick (e.g., the sides to toothpaste caps, bottoms of flip-flops, masking tape, etc.) I’m finding just being willing to be free and go for it without any expectation of the result is a great way to learn.

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