Sketch No. 2, Branches and a Jug

I’ve been working on several painted pieces – they are in various stages, but none are ready to post yet.  Hopefully I’ll have one up in the next few days.  I noted earlier that I planned to do at least one sketch a week to start building some drawing skills (I have none).  Tonight’s practice taught me an important lesson.  While working with painted layers, you can work forward (or backward by wiping away), but with pen and ink, you have to start with the foreground and work back.  It’s probably common sense to most, but when I started doodling tonight, I just went with whatever I felt like – branches, then some doodling that turned into flowers, followed by the decision to add a jug.  Oops, suddenly I could see the branches through the jug!  This sketching thing, then, is going to be a challenge for me.  It takes planning.  Yikes.   With mixed-media I tend to let the piece evolve organically; I start something, and then what I find in front of me, including the glowing blunders, or, as Paula Phillips calls them, “flopportunities,” guides me to the next step.

So, here is my messy little sketch for today, with notes to self included on the page.


2 thoughts on “Sketch No. 2, Branches and a Jug

  1. I think your page is nicely balanced,and thoughtfully composed.I like the leaves going through the vase! Only way i know to get better at drawing is to draw. be well and thanks for sharing

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