Sketch No. 3: Japanese Koi

My third India ink sketch:

sketch no. 3, Japanese koi

In Japanese mythology, Koi are the beginnings of dragons.  The first dragon sprang from koi that struggled for 100 years to swim up a towering waterfall.  At last, with a heroic leap, a single koi reached the top of the falls.  The Gods smiled down in approval and transformed the exhausted koi into a shining golden dragon.  He spends his days chasing pearls of wisdom across the skies of the vast and eternal heavens. Whenever another koi finds the strength and courage to leap up the falls, he or she too becomes a heavenly dragon.  Koi represent endurance and perseverance and the ability to overcome adversity.


6 thoughts on “Sketch No. 3: Japanese Koi

  1. Thanks, Lilly! I’ve just started sketching, and have a lot to learn when it comes to different pens (I’m only using one size/type right now), perspective, shading, etc. But I do find it relaxing and enjoyable!

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