sum absens

Just a quick note to say I have been absent, on holiday from the digital world to explore the one inside my head.  (Well, explore and catch up on a great deal of sleep!)  Sometimes I think we get so wrapped up in all the sights we have to see on the internet, all the blogs we must visit, news we must read, things we must do and post simply because it is always there, right there, at the tip of our fingers (or mouse, or touchpad), we lose sight of one of the most powerful creative and informational worlds of all – our mind.  So, I have been on break, so to speak, and now am aching to do some skimming and perusing and moseying around all the other great blogs of the artists I admire out there, as well as get back to playing with some of my own art.

There are comments on this blog I’ll be responding to in the next couple days, and expect my visits to yours, as well!  Stay safe, and creative, and lovely as always!


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