Floating in the Early Spring

The sky was brilliantly dark today and the greens and purples and pinks of spring were glowing bright.  Meanwhile, I finished another spread.  The energy to create comes and goes, but not with tidal regularity.  Rather, it spurts and stutters and falters and then dwindles for long periods of time, my fallow periods., and then comes rushing back in.  The last few days I’ve been lucky to have the energy and a whispering muse.

floating in early spring (finger painting stage)

floating in the early spring (the finger painting stage)

I started out simply finger painting with a variety of colors on a very wet page.  For some reason I take great pleasure in feeling the paint sliding between my fingertips and the paper.  It’s a no pressure way to play, and anything can happen.

I decided to practice painting some spheres, and then just played with floating shapes.  Eraser stamp pattern thrown in at the end.

Here is the final result:

floating in the early spring

floating in the early spring

floating in the early spring (close-up)

floating in the early spring (close-up)

Media used: gesso, craft acrylic paints, Derwent Inktense pencils, wax paper, timber brown stamp pad.


13 thoughts on “Floating in the Early Spring

  1. Reminds me if landscapes seen from a plane. What a gift that as humans we can see our earthy home from a distance. It seems si fantastical seeing an image like that captured in a journal…with bright colors. A little glowing wheel world.

    • What an interesting interpretation, Rachél! Now that you describe it that way, I can definitely see it. I’m always fascinated by what others may see in abstract paintings and drawings. Thanks so much!

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