Bubble Memories

bubble memories, close-up

bubble memories, close-up

We revel in oddities, crave a mystique,
We long to be carried away
In beautiful bubbles that shimmer and sway,
To be flung from a wand and float through our days.

-Norm Milstein

bubble memories, full spread

Inspired in part by Dina Wakley’s style, but using mostly craft acrylics rather than spray inks, because that’s what’s currently in my closet.  I might add some more journaling or element above the silhouette on left page, but for now it is off to finish another piece.


14 thoughts on “Bubble Memories

  1. These are beautiful pages Elizabeth. I love the colors and the composition. I wanted to let you know that I linked your blog in my latest post to say thanks for your help with cultivating ideas about the series with the little girl. I am sorry I did not ask you before hand…I hope that is ok.

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