Unknown Self

unknown self

Is there an internal, sustaining, singular self under all the layers of experience?  A guiding me?
Something at the core I can still find if I search hard enough?

This is my first painted face, and I made it all the more difficult by having the head tilted back.  Obviously I need to work quite a bit more on shading techniques when it comes to painting!
Media used: gesso, acrylic craft paints, Faber-Castel pitt pen, Memories Mist, crayon


13 thoughts on “Unknown Self

  1. This is a most evocative post. I love the mark making and the face, the position of the face lends a freshness…I say to myself “I have not seen this before” and it is an image that will be hard to either ignore or forget!! Bravo Elizabeth!

    • Thanks so much! There is certainly a sense of vulnerability in sharing it. I have been nervous about doing artwork that might deal with more difficult issues. I know it may be healing, but it also makes the process much more emotional, and that is a challenge.

    • I really appreciate the compliment, Susan! It means a lot coming from an artist as accomplished as you! Up until I did this I really hadn’t had a desire to paint faces (other than the occasional fun finger painting), but for some reason as I did this I realized I am compelled to do more.

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  3. Your previous post “Unknown Self” for me might be the “Disowned Self” (Profession = Social Work/Artist). Our individual unique perceptions are often so telling. Thank you for your willingness to share your work! Bonnie

    • Interesting perspective, Bonnie! Is that a reference to the Branden book, by any chance? If it is, I think you are definitely connecting to something I feel, too. I’d love to hear more of your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by!

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