29 Faces in May

Ayala Art

Thanks to encouragement from Blade (AKA The Artistic Biker) and others after seeing my last post earlier this evening, I am joining the 29 Faces in May challenge over at Ayala Art.  The challenge started May 1st, and encourages members to create 29 faces in 31 days.
It will be a good challenge for me.  I haven’t really had any strong desire to do images of people until recently, and suddenly the urge looms large and at the same time I’m encouraged to join and learn along with a large and wonderful group of artists at all levels are exploring different expressions of the human face.  When synchronicity happens, how can one ignore it?
Any size, medium, techniques and forms are welcome, and unfinished work can be posted, too.  Good news for me: I’ll probably not be pursuing much realism (but I could surprise myself), and I know myself well enough to realize that I won’t be one to create a face every day.
Do you find yourself drawn to creating faces?  Are you participating in this challenge currently, or would you like to join me?

2 thoughts on “29 Faces in May

  1. This sounds like a great prompt for a project! Elizabeth, please post the faces you make, I would really like to see them! (I’m envious! I wish I could join you! But… I’m up to my eyeballs in life stuff for a while…)

    • I will definitely post them, even if their quality ends up being poor! I have no qualms about posting art I’ve produced that I’m not happy with, since this blog is mostly about chronicling my journey and what I’m learning along the way.

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