Bleak Face

bleak face

This started out as an entirely different painting – a strong abstract with a raw feel – but during the course of putting brush and finger to paper, a much more figurative-expressionist face was yearning, demanding even, to come forward.  The transition from such an abstract to more figurative in the middle of painting helps explain the complete lack of balance in facial features: eyes too big, nose to small, etc.  (Alongside, of course, my lack of practice, experience, and training…)

I’ve never done portraits like this (though it’s not technically a portrait, as there was no live subject, nor even a reference image), but as with the previous journal page, something is driving me to do so.  I wonder what that’s about?  This piece was actually done in one session, which is not normal for me either.  I was feeling sick while painting – a little dizzy and hot – but for some reason just couldn’t stop.  I realize rather than just play with paint and styles, I am starting to search for something in my art-making, for some sort of expression, something yet unknown.  It will be interesting to see what evolves.

Media used: craft acrylic paints


11 thoughts on “Bleak Face

  1. It is rather bleak but good. I dunno, I wouldn’t analyze it. Why are we only to reflect our own images in our art? And why are we to only do upbeat positive pretty stuff? My answer to both is, we aren’t. xoxo

    • Oh I agree completely, Aimeslee. Some of the art I’m most drawn to expresses a range of emotions, or challenges standard cultural or societal assumptions, or simply confuses one’s expectations.

  2. I like this piece. You’re smart to let the wind carry you instead of resisting it when it comes to your art. The process can be more interesting that way .

  3. I think it’s very expressive! It may be sad looking but still there are bright colors there. It seems to me the sadness doesn’t cover her whole face. Be well

  4. ” I am starting to search for something in my art-making, for some sort of expression, something yet unknown.” I like this line a lot. Yesterday i pulled out my sketchbook for the first time in a long time and just started drawing the people I saw on my walk. I am also on the search for something with my people and I think I am close, but not sure. I like this painting a lot. It reminds me of the German Expressionists. You have captured bleak very well. Good luck with your search 🙂

    • Thank you, Krista. I’m fascinated by the Expressionist movement in art, and quite drawn to the painting style, though I have much more to learn about it. I hope the search, wherever it leads, will continue to be an exploration rather than completion; I’m not sure what lies at the end of the search is any more important than the search itself.

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