Currently Experiencing…

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here, working on several mail art projects.  Unfortunately, I’ve lately been experiencing some technical difficulties of the hardware variety, specifically three problems: both my 11 year old modem and 6 year old laptop are failing, and the usb connector on my camera that I use to upload photographs of artwork is loose (or breaking).  This frustrating triumvirate  has meant fewer posts and less time on the computer.  I’m working on viewing it from a positive angle, though, because a computer that isn’t always accessible means I am driven to my art more rather than spending all my time perusing the world wide web.

I will post again when I can, either with my artwork, or if that’s not possible, I might just start introducing you to other artists I find inspiring.

Also, stay tuned, because I plan to do a giveaway in June for my birthday!  Details soon.

Stay well!



3 thoughts on “Currently Experiencing…

  1. Out tools are so important to the technological journey. As for your work, enjoy! And know you are missed until you return in whatever form that may be. ~Rachél

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