Art Giveaway! 3 Miniatures (and an ephemera pack)

It is hot here.  The sun is beating down in pain at the weathered old bricks and the withered old planks and back-bent people.  I sigh.  Well after sunset the bricks still tell stories, radiating wild hyperbole to any who shied away indoors, hiding from the heat: “Hoo, kid. You missed out; it was upwards of a trillion today!” And there are no summer nights, just drawn out days gone bruised and humid.  I need some relief.

And now, what you came for…It’s giveaway time!  I’d hoped to post this earlier, but temperamental technological and personal issues kept me away.  Below are the three small art cards I am offering; my gift of three.  I’m also putting together a small packet of vintage paper ephemera and scrap papers to be included.

gift of three

They measure 2-1/2″x3-1/2″ each.  As individuals pieces:

Remains On the Ground: mixed-media with acrylic ink, vintage ephemera, duct tape, wax

remains on the ground, close-up

Remains On the Ground, close-up; see the yummy texture of the stripped duct tape and the wax blob?


Luchon: vintage ephemera collage

the red rag

The Red Rag: acrylic, India ink

The last one I’m particularly happy with.  “The Red Rag” started out as a landscape, a very bad landscape, so I turned it sideways and went from there.  Sometimes a different perspective is all that’s needed.

To enter my gift of three giveaway, simply do the following:

Comment on this post and describe any methods or techniques you have for continuing to remain creative when you are exhausted, worn out, ill, depressed, busy with too many work projects, [insert your situation here…], etc.  Do you still make art (or work on that novel, or compose a few lines of music)?

You’ll get a double-entry if you tweet about the giveaway or mention it on your blog – be sure to link me to it.  (There will be more giveaways in the future, fingers crossed, so consider following my blog as well).  Enter by midnight central time, United States (UTC−05).  I’ll use a randomizer to pick the winner the following day.

That’s it!
Hope everyone has good and safe holidays this week wherever you are!


23 thoughts on “Art Giveaway! 3 Miniatures (and an ephemera pack)

  1. love the pieces!! when I’m in a slump I usually don’t force myself to do anything if i can’t. Usually I’ll start to come out by watching some techniques and signing up for swaps (which force me out eventually).. i also will go back to my old doodling habits and find that posting them on twitter or showing them elsewhere and soliciting feedback usually gives me the boost I need to get back into the swing of things! :^)

  2. Doodling is a great idea! It can be done anywhere, even in bed, and is very meditative contributing to peace of mind and health. (And your doodles are awesome, by the way!)

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    • What a wonderfully beautiful and nicely explored reply post! Thank you! (For anyone perusing the comments and suggestions so far, be sure to check out Rachél’s post on honoring the in-between times).

  5. I like them all but find ‘Luchon’ particularly appealing. I am not often in a slump these days as I find that doing some art each day keeps me thinking. However I do collect art books and have an increasingly huge library of inspiration. A browse thrpough any of them will have my mind whirling with ideas, and give me the urge to pick up paintbrush again. Being retired makes it a little easier, tho’ I find that life only gets busier as you head to the finish line. Perhaps we try to fit more in.

    • The art books as inspiration are a very good idea! Whether one is simply low on creativity, temporarily debilitated for some reason, or short on time, browsing other artists’ works builds the imagination and settles in for the next time we create something.

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  7. Wow, wow, wow, you’re cards are just amazing! I just love how the landscape one was much happier vertical and into something unexpected!

    I spent the past few months in a huge slump and it was awful. lol All of my art stuffs had been packed up due to our moving and after being with out everything for so long I almost felt like I had forgotten how to art journal totally. I am also still adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom again. I went from having all older and self-sufficient kids and I could art whenever I wanted to for as long as I wanted to, to having two little ones (4 yrs and 18 months) and zero time to myself, stress of being needed by them 24/7, and little hands always getting into my art stuff! Ugh. lol What really saved me was someone sent me an envelope of ephemera and I was challenged to create ATC’s what what I was given. I LOVE a good challenge and that really helped to get my creative juices flowing again. Plus, only having a limited amount of things to use took some of that stress of being overwhelmed with so many different supplies, etc. Another thing that has seemed to help me lately is to go through magazines (clothing, travel and such) and start clipping things out. As I’m doing that, ideas start to form in my head just from a phrase in an ad or a photo of someone/something. I’ll clip out a phrase and that can inspire an entire art journal spread. Watching YouTube videos also helps inspire me to get my fingers all painty, too! Right now, much to my husbands dismay, most of my arting is done after everyone is in bed, so I usually don’t start until around 10:30 p.m. The only other time I have is nap time and some days naps don’t happen, so that is really a downer. I have finally accepted thought that I HAVE to be creative. If I’m not, I start getting a little bonkers. lol I get anxious, moody, grumpy, you name it….just totally not myself or happy. So, I try to do something, even if it’s just organize some of my supplies, each day. Wow. I can ramble on, can’t I? lol Thanks so much for that chance to win you’re amazing creations! 😉

  8. WoW – so beautiful! As you may see from my newest post I have been busy & last week I was able to do my weekly Darcy Postcard But this week I made something else…

    So yest you bet even when I’m too busy to Art I still manage to sling some paint and keep my hands moving…

    thanks for the chance to win these super & duper ATCs – Beautiful!

  9. I find the best way to stay creative is to create. So I try to do a little everyday. Whether that’s a few minutes at my work table, or watching and learning from others, even coloring with my kids can do the trick. Sometimes its just a doodle or a sketch, but it keeps my creative juices flowing, so to speak. Thanks for the opportunity to win your amazing art. 🙂

  10. Your art is fantastic!! Love all the layers!! To keep my creativity going even when my muse is on vacation is a challenge for me. I find if I just stamp in my junk journal or paint a pointless background it keeps me moving forward. Then, when I am back to full creative energy I have several backgrounds already started.

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  13. I love your giveaway. Interesting question about creating through tiredness, pain, no time or just a general blah. I often wonder when people say this stops or slows them down. I tend to create more when I am any one of the above things. It seems to center me and puts things into perspective. I have a TV here so I am at the point that I cannot watch TV without doing something. I use my art to help me sleep and forget about discomfort. It is like a good book sometimes. Keeps me grounded.

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