Bounties from a Concerned Owl

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The pop-pop-popping has gone on for days despite bans and warnings of fire-hazard.  Folks celebrating a distorted history only half-remembered from days in the classroom, unable to withhold the pyrotechnic gratifications until the 4th of July.  But now it’s here: it’s Independence Day.  Happy 4th of July to those here in the states who celebrate it.  (And because I taught American National Government at the university, I feel the need to share a link to the Declaration of Independence, whose signing we are celebrating this day, and encourage you to read not just the well-known first line of the second paragraph, but the entire document.  It can be enlightening!)

Bounties from a Concerned Owl

I wasn’t able to post these when they arrived in the mail because of technical difficulties, but, wow!  Suzanne (a.k.a. Concerned Owl) sent a marvelous birthday gift!  (We share a birthday on the same day of the year).  The canvas below is so beautiful and vibrant, and has oodles and oodles of texture.  I feel energized every time I look at it.

Beautifully vibrant painting from Concerned Owl

Beautifully vibrant painting from Concerned Owl

And if that weren’t enough, she added a plethora of other goodies to the mix, a lovely bounty for me to play with!

an artist's cornicopia from Concerned Owl

an artist’s cornucopia from Concerned Owl

Be sure to stop by Suzanne’s blog and see more of her lovely art!


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