“Release the Birds” mail art project

Just a quick reminder that there is still time to win the three miniature pieces of art (2 collages and one painting) and vintage ephemera pack.  You need to enter by midnight on July 9, 2012.  Click here to find out more.

Sandra over at artlikeart developed a fascinating RAK mail art project; you can check out the details of the project here, and see some of the other participants’ submissions here, here, and here.  (In the future, you can visit her site for even more bird sightings by selecting the category, “release the birds”).  We were sent birds made from handwritten letters, and asked to alter them in any way we wanted with paint, pen, color, etc.  We then take pictures of the birds in an environment in which we think they might “live,” and finally send them off to a particular individual out in the world needing some cheer.  (Can you imagine so many birds showing up in your mailbox from all around the world?)

Here are the two birds in their original form:


My submissions are below:

Pale Calico Morning Bird nesting

Pale Calico Morning Bird nesting

The same bird in a different light:

Pale Calico Morning Bird with an eye out for breakfast among the roses.

Pale Calico Morning Bird with an eye out for breakfast among the roses.

And the second altered bird:

Gemini Bird at the edge of his basket nest.

Gemini Bird at the edge of his basket nest, waiting proudly for a mate.

The two pictures with the curved twigs are actually an amazing art installation by the Chapel Hill, NC-based artist Patrick Dougherty, who completed a three-week residency where I live and left behind some incredible structures made of sticks, nearly two stories in height:

Stickwork trio 

He says of his work

Sticks are something we all have in common. Everybody knows sticks – the twigs and branches picked up on grandfather’s farm; the branches woven in grandmother’s basket. Somewhere threaded in all the public mass is a common thread, and that thread is the human spirit.

You can read more about Patrick Doughetry and see other examples of his work on his website: http://www.stickwork.net.


One thought on ““Release the Birds” mail art project

  1. What a great project! I love your birds. Soooo sweet. Thanks especially for sharing the twig sculptures. I would have loved to watch those go up. I have seen sculptures in that style in magazines or other print media but to see them in person and get to stand in their presence. Ahhhhh…..

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