Website Revamp!

Now Time for Some Tea…

"anyone for tea?" - sketch on leftovers journal page

“anyone for tea?” – sketch on leftovers journal page

Wheee!  Finished the website renovation.  (Well, just switched to a new theme and tweaked a bit).  A new header may or may not be in the works, depending on energy in the upcoming weeks.  Now, however, it’s time to sit down and have some lovely Genmai Cha tea.  If you haven’t tried this nutty tasting green tea before, I highly encourage it.

As far as the website goes, it is cleaner than the previous design, and I like that.  Hopefully it will load more quickly than the last one, too.  I’m not to fond of the size of the post titles, but those I’ll have to live with unless I want to purchase an upgrade.  Since I can’t even get glue sticks right now…I think I’ll stick to this.  🙂

Let me know what you think about the site.  If you have difficulty navigating, I can create a note somewhere about how to get around the site for future visitors.

I hope you have a wonderful and peace-filled weekend!


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