Something She Knows

"she knows winter" black and white gesso

“winter is something she knows”
black and white gesso

This cat knows winter. The muted greys and browns and whites. The blues and blacks and smiling hints of red. The gesture of a snow flurry. The hibernating heart. The aching joints that tell more stories than one would wish to know. The wisdom of the season suggests she drop her baggage like so many fallen leaves. In this winter deep she knows a solitary peace, the quiet before the coming storm of spring.

The background was meant to be an entirely other piece. I’d been working on a many-layered 4×6″ of pale blue and white acrylics, vintage and handmade papers…much brighter than the one you see here.

But then I imagined the cat on the newsprint background – the paper that sits under whatever I am working on, gathering up bits and scraps of ink and paint. The grey, the white, the black splatters and hints of red spoke to me of the season outside. It was unexpectedly right, and so I put aside the other and used the newsprint instead. It’s a good lesson on trusting my intuition.


2 thoughts on “Something She Knows

    • Thank you, Maurice! Because I am new to artwork, I find it difficult to know when it is time to stop. I’m not sure if accomplished artists have the same issue, but I am trying to learn to pull back and wait before deciding to add “more” of anything to a particular piece. As with spices in cooking, I can be in my art practice heavy-handed, even though I, too, am personally drawn to artwork that encourages more participation from the viewer’s mind.

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