Glowing Blunders

I’ll add my “glowing blunders” here as I go, so check back often.  Making mistakes for me are often a fantastic way to learn.  Hopefully you can gain from my muddled slip-ups and fab flubs!

– It doesn’t have to be perfect.  I’ve learned the hard way that if it has to be perfect, it will never get done, will often be abandoned in the middle, and rarely begun.  The best work I’ve done has been a complete and utterly unexpected surprise.

washi tapes

– All washi tapes aren’t the same.  I absolutely love these transparent paper tapes, though because of limited supplies and income haven’t tried many.  But I have tried the Tim Holtz idea-ology tape as well as another unknown brand found at a thrift store (no container or label).  The unknown brand would stick to anything, but the Tim Holtz won’t work on top of paint, only when applied to paper. (The TH tapes are still beautiful, though!)  So, unless you want to glue it down, be sure to test it out over the medium you’ll be using ahead of time if it is necessary for your plan.

"Paint Brushes" by Kara Allyson, Flickr

– Cheap craft brushes are just fine, except…  Occasionally they are, but I learned the hard way that when I want a smooth wash of color, or will be working them into the page, I’ll end up with a ton of hairs or bristles embedded in the paint.  For messy or grungy artwork that can be great, but sometimes it’s really helpful to have that good quality brush available when you need it.


6 thoughts on “Glowing Blunders

  1. I discovered the hard way that India Ink is permanent EXCEPT when in contact with gel medium. Though testing, I learned that a coating of Krylon spray will provide waterproofing . . . wise to use before applying an image over the top with gel medium if you don’t want smearing of the ink layer.

  2. Concept! Setting aside a space for exploring what doesn’t work. I love it! What if we all could acknowledge blunders as if they were simple happenings…maybe even celebrate them. Sweet.

    • yes, for me blunders are almost always ah-ha! moments, though I may not realize it immediately. I have a few more to add to this page when time permits, too. For me, the best things in life are about growth, and in my book, mistakes are essential to growing and personal development.

  3. I find a cycle of construct, deconstruct, destroy, and back again works well for me. Those ‘mistakes’ that you might only partially cover up on this cycle add to the texture and interest of the finished piece. Someone once said “there is on such thing as a bad painting, only an unfinished one’.

    • I am slowly learning that to be true and letting my perfectionist self fade away. Some of the art I am most attracted to has layers of paint and paper, and, because of the cycle you describe, has a sense of age, history, and hidden meaning.

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